Introduction to Brewing

Discover all the stages of brewing in a relaxed atmosphere 

We organize introductory brewing evenings for a group of 8 to 25 people that you set up yourself.

The cost is 80 .- per person and the evening is organised like so:

Arrival at 6pm,
Grain crushing,
Grain impregnation,
Boiling of the wort and addition of hops,
Wort cooling, Whirlpool
Fermentation and inoculation with yeasts and bacteria
End of the evening around 11pm.

During the 5 hours of brewing, I will introduce you to about ten of my favorite local and international beers.

The beers will be served with an aperitif dinner (bread, cheese, delicatessen, dessert).

It is better not to drive on the way back.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in organizing a party of this kind. The formula can vary according to your wishes 🙂

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